Just like a car, your security system needs regular maintenance checks to ensure it stays in optimum running order. Security detectors collect dust and cob webs, wires connected to security devices become damaged and batteries run down. Australian Standards (AS/NZS 2201.1:2007) recommends that you have a maintenance check on your security system at least once every two years.
MNC Security can arrange for the maintenance check to be carried out by a professional technician to ensure your alarm remains in proper working order and at the same time make recommendations for any alterations that would improve performance and reduce your risk.
The maintenance check includes:

  • Testing of the control panel for communications to the monitoring centre, sirens, tampers and strobe lights
  • Inspecting and testing the operation of all detection devices
  • Checking the power supply
  • Verifying that no compromise to devices has occurred (compromise of devices could be from building alterations, partitions, furniture or other obstacles)
  • Testing the batteries on remotes and wireless sensors
  • Inspection of all visible wiring and conduits

Have peace of mind knowing that your equipment and system are in working order, ready to operate should an emergency occur.
To request a maintenance check or for further information, please contact us.