Need a covert CCTV Security Solution.

This portable camera system can be set up and left in place to gather footage for later viewing.

No cabling or other associated installation costs.

Great for farm security or just around the home, office, community spaces, warehouses or any other indoor / outdoor area.

Outdoor cameras are commonly used for all types of security applications.

They are small portable motion activated cameras that are made to sit outside in the weather and take photos/video of what moves in front of them.
They run on AA sized or C size batteries and can last for months at time running 24/7 using infra-red for night time images.

The new Uway VH200B is a total black flash (no red glow) camera with excellent battery life for a great price.

This camera has been specifically designed as a black flash camera from the ground up. Unlike other infra-red cameras there is no red glow when it records photo or video making it great for getting in close without risking it being seen. We have been very impressed with the image quality, sensitivity, and battery life of this camera.

In dark night situations the Black Flash cameras have an incredible advantage over regular infra-red cameras in that the chances of the camera being seen by both people and animals are more remote. These are widely used for use in sheds and on machinery and for monitoring wildlife without spooking the target.

Infra-red Black flash that cannot be seen. The infra-red black flash does not give off any light at night.

Very good battery life. Runs on 12 AA lithium or rechargeable batteries. – 10000 plus images from lithium batteries.

Excellent image quality with improved night time images. Colour during the day and B&W at night.

Built in image viewer with easy to use menu for camera set up. Open up the camera to find the built in image viewer. Very easy to use menu system. Weather-proof clamshell case.