What do you want to see?

Want to see what happens when you’re not around? Want to see how your customers are treated? Want to keep your analogue cameras and convert to digital storage?

Whether you want analogue or IP cameras MNC Security can provide a solution to your video surveillance needs.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) systems consist of cameras, recording and display devices interconnected on a closed network. Various types of cameras may be used to capture video footage under varying lighting conditions.

Some cameras are designed to be stationary and provide fixed views, while others can be remotely positioned by an operator to provide a specific view, using pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) controls. Video footage from multiple cameras can be recorded on digital storage devices for investigative purposes or displayed live through a management system by an operator, to enable a quick assessment and response

Featuring cameras, digital video recorders and video encoders from a trusted range of partners including Pacom, Pelco, Samsung, Axis, Neo and QVS, MNC Security can design a system for a variety of applications to suit your business. Stand-alone or networked, Windows or Linux, we have the IT expertise to integrate the system into your existing infrastructure.

Choose from cameras to suit a diverse range of applications including anti-vandal, weather proof, pan tilt zoom (PTZ), fixed-body, fixed-dome, infrared, and day/night cameras for low light environments.